Meaningful Time


Sitting idle is boredom. But it is the time when your thinking ability increases. Often people say that, idle brain is the devil’s workshop. It is important to think the positive and make yourself engaged on the things you would like to do. Plan for the day. Be it in home or office, create a checklist. Follow up on the checklist. Enjoy what you do. I have listed few of the things which I would like to do being at home:

1. Devotional : Meditating the Bible, learning the positive things.

2. Reading Books.

3. Cooking : Plan to cook and eat the healthy food. Trying to avoid eating outside fast food.

4. House keeping: Keeping the house clean and tidy.

5. Listening to music.

6. Exercise : Walking, try to do stretching exercise

7. Blogging : Feeding my thoughts in the blog writing.

8. Social Media: Checking the current trend and updates.

9. Connecting People: Interacting with your loved ones near and far.

10. Creativity: Doing creative art.

11. Technology: Knowing current updates. Doing online courses.

There would be many things to do and list out.  Each day our priorities changes. It depends on each individual what they want to do and what they like to do. But love what you do. Think broad and live that moment.

– Kezia

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