Gratitude – (noun) The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

In this busy world, we always think to move on and achieve our goals. Though our needs are fulfilled, we aren’t satisfied with what we have. We try upgrading our devices, household gadgets, vehicles etc. We spend huge amount of money on the depreciating things. We all forget to stay happy with what we have. We are not thankful for having, good health, pleasure, treasure and life. As we prosper we forget the past.

We need to look back and think of what we are today. Be thankful for our life, health, career and prosperity. Show your gratitude to the people who made you successful. Thank God for the good times which made you cherish and the bad times which made you learn. Show the simplicity and kindness to the people who are in need. Your gratitude will always touch people’s hearts. It brings more joy and goodness to your life.

Thank you god for all the goodness and the tribulations which made me to be what I’m today. Thank you people who made me successful.

Let this gratitude continue through out your life….

– Kezia F

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