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Healthy Eating Happy Living!

Healthy Eating Happy Living!    

Being motherhood is the happiest moment of my life. As god has blessed me a beautiful daughter at the right time. I would just say it wasnt long awaited, but it was for the right time I waited. Just like every mom who would love to be a fit mom, I started my healthy eating journey with the encouragement of my siblings, dad and my husband. At my dad’s place, I had got all the rights to eat the healthy food which would also benefit me and my baby. As many researches say mother’s diet won’t effect the breast milk, its nature driven. I stayed hydrated and included low carb diet which would benefit the demand and supply of breast feeding journey.

A special thanks to my sister who followed up my eating habits. I was feeling super healthy and was able to do my daily routine without any hassles. She helped me to understand the concept of diet. Dieting doesn’t mean eating less but it’s eating more by counting your calories. I also followed routine exercise and walking inside the house (pandemic and lockdown). I was able to cook myself and for my baby although my dad and my sister used to cook for us when they had time. My brother to mention, he used to go outside and purchase all our daily needs. Every mom would face PPD, I was also sailing the same journey, but a healthy lifestyle and encouraging words from my family, especially my dad kept me growing stronger.

I have learnt being spiritual, eating healthy and being fit makes a big difference in your lifestyle. Choosing the right habit and inculcating in your daily routine, helps your offspring for their better future. Your future is dependent on what you choose. My dad’s favourite quote “Whatever you do, do with love”. He used to remind me, when you do any work with hatred you will never taste the goodness of it.

3 John 1:2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

Have a healthy living!!!